Yes Way Rosé: National Rosé Day is June 10th

Yes Way Rosé: National Rosé Day is June 10th

Yes Way Rosé: National Rosé Day is June 10th

As if I needed another excuse to drink more rosé than I already do, National Rosé Day is this Saturday, June 10th, and it officially marks the start of Rosé season. However, if you’re like me, it’s more of a rosé all day lifestyle. The blush wine is just as consumable, as it is Instagrammable.

Nonetheless, rosé is more than a pretty pour. While we have The Fat Jew to thank for rosé’s reputation of being the number one “basic” beverage, the wine deserves a lot more credit. Sayle Milne, founder of wine-class company Wine Savvy, listed off a number of reasons on why we should be drinking more of the pink stuff last month in Refinery 29. In Sayle’s words, “You should be drinking rosé when you wake up. You should have it at lunch, you should have it at dinner. You should have it with a straw,” and I couldn’t agree more!

Plus, when Vogue calls it the summer’s most popular drink, we listen to them.

National Rose Day Abby Clear

National Rosé Day Abby Clear

National Rosé Day Abby Clear

National Rose Day Lakes and Grapes

Michigan Rosé

Northern Michigan has recently caught on to the pink trend and the summertime staple that is rosé. With patio season in full swing, the sun finally out, and the boats on The Bay, all we want is a nice pour of crisp and refreshing rosé.

With so many rosés on the market, I took it upon myself to find a few of my local favorites and to share it with you. Whether you’re celebrating solo, or sipping the good stuff with a group of friends — I’ve got you covered, because after enough swirling, sipping, and reflecting, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Northern Michigan Rosé’s. Your welcome!

Just in time for summer…. scroll through for the roundup. Warning: you won’t find any sweet wines on this list!

Michigan Rosé

Bonobo Winery

2016 Rosé: Made primarily out of Pinot Gris grapes, this Rosé shows delicate aromas of peach, apricots, honey, Nashi pears, and red apples. |$24|

2016 Sparkling Rosé: Embodies the qualities of a Pinot Noir, but in true sparkling nature, it’s light, crisp and reflects the spirit of summertime in Northern Michigan. Elegant flavors of white peach and stone fruits lead to a silky texture and a refreshing finish. |$26|

Shady Lane Cellars

2014 Cab Franc/Merlot Rosé:  A blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, this dry Rosé has beautiful strawberry, raspberry and peach fruit with a fine balance of richness and bright acidity.  |$17|

Aurora Cellars

2015 Rosé: Red berries on the nose followed by a crisp finish with Meyer lemon, and bright, ripe Michigan tart cherry. |$19|

2 Lads

2015 Vortex Rosé: Balanced acidity, with notes of candied berries, lime blossom, and watermelon. |$16|

L. Mawby 

Grace – Pinot Noir Sparkling Brut Rosé: Delicate pink, pinot noir aromas and flavors… moderately full-bodied… elegant wine. |$23|

Now to celebrate… get yourself to one of these local wineries and pour up a nice glass of Rosé.

National Rosé Day

Rosé time is the best time

National Rosé Day Chihuahua

P.S. my dog may have to become a model after this…


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